Barbeque Speciality

Wah Ji Wah Barbeque Speciality

Afghani Chaap

Wah Ji Wah Barbeque Speciality Afghani Chaap is tasty along with so many health benefits. It is high in protein. Afghani is chaap and can be the best choice for those who want a non-veg like taste out of vegan food. Chaap are full of protein and rich in taste. That’s why everyone loves to eat Afghani Chaap.

Mushroom tikka

Wah Ji Wah Food delicacies Mushroom Tikka is a special veg dish. Mushrooms have a lot of health benefits. It is great in taste also. Mushroom Tikka is now in trend. People love to eat this tasty tikka. This dish is prepared with roasted mushroom / Onion and tomato..

Soya Garlic Tikka

Soya Garlic Tikka is now becoming the new and favorite trend of all foodies. Who follow food love as their passion. Although this is just a stick out roasted chaap but in the process of cooking we add some magic to the dish which attracts the people most and they must want to try that once.

Soya Seekh Kabab

Wah Ji Wah Barbeque Delicacies also serving Soya Seekh Kabab are veg and healthy dishes. Which is rich in protein and good for digestion and does not contain so much oil. The Soya Seekh Kabab is also named by Boil Bengal Gram Dal and Soya falcks.

Soya Tandoori tikka

Soya Tandoori Tikka is the food which is not skippable when you visit the restaurant. Our special Soya Tandoori Tikka are not only rich in health but in taste also. All gourmands love to eat this. This is the dish of the next level which gives you the taste of legends.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a semi dry tikka type of food full of healthy green vegetables such as capsicum/bell pepper, onion, tomato and high protein paneer cubes. This is becoming a popular restaurant side dish. Which is quick in cooking but gives a full taste of delicious food.