Wah Ji Wah, a good partner of yours

Wah Ji Wah is always with you

You and all our customers are an important part of our life. We do not serve you the food only but the happiness and make your moments more special to you. We are working very hard and our best continuously to give the best ever experience of Wah Ji Wah. And spreading awareness through Wah Ji Wah. We are welcoming all of your suggestions which you want to improve in our service. We all are worried about you and your loved ones health. Here we are giving you some suggestions to take care of your health.

Your health is our first priority. With the concern of your health we are requesting you to register for vaccination. The vaccines are completely safe and believe the vaccine. Download the arogya setu app today. 

We want to be a frontier for all of our customers. This time we are serving you the help as well. Let us know if you are in any kind of problem. It is our humble request to you that please follow all the guidelines.

We all are facing the crises made by Covid-19 from the past year. And following all the guidelines and rules to cure ourselves and our loved one. In order to stop the future spread of coronavirus you should take vaccination.

We hope that you all consider the importance of vaccination. Government is also working to save our nation. You can register for it today just go to cowin.gov.in and fill all the details. For more, call the 1075 helpline number issued by the government.

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