Food Delicacies

Wah Ji Wah Food Delicacies

Shahi Paneer

This is the marvelous food commonly liked by a variety of people. This is a trendy food not only in India but now it is becoming the food of the Subcontinent. Shahi Paneer is full of all the goodness of high protein and a perfect combination of all Indian spices.

Shahi Chaap

Shahi Chaap is made with the special soya flour and soya chunks. Which is not only soft and the same as in the taste of non-veg. But also so absorbing of species. This is very good made with all delicious species. Shahi Chaaps are rounded all around one stick and full of yumminess.

Boti Kabab Roll

Boti Kabab Roll is an indian non-veg dish. Made with nutrieshed boneless chicken. And rich in health and taste also. Boti Kabab is generally famous in Punjab / Haryana. This is a choice of only non-veggies gourmands.

Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti is unleavened bread food of india. Which is a tradition of Awadh, Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine. Rumali roti is extremely soft in texture and delicious to eat. This is a perfect combination preferred by a lot of people along with any kind of veg.

Chilli Soya

Chilli Soya is a high protein diet with a way of chinese. This not only gives you marvelous taste but also the best ever experience of food ever. This is now-a -days becoming more popular as an option of streat food. You will love its fine texture and taste. Try it once when you come to Wah Ji Wah.

Oreo mint

Wah Ji Wah Food Delicacies has an amazing Oreo mint is the chocolate cookies filled with the sweet mint creme, Which creates a perfect fusion of two tastes in a sweet dish. Oreo Mint can help you to feel fresh and refreshing. Generally people choose it to enjoy along with the cold milk.