WJW Special Vegan Mock Meat

WJW Special Vegan Mock Meat

Vegan Jalpari Tikka

This dish is as similar as it’s name. It gives you a great taste and we serve this dish in an impressive way. Vegan Jalpari Tikka is full of all health goodness and a pleasant aroma. And mouthwatering texture and colour.

Vegan tandoori tikka

Vegan Tandoori Tikka is an ultimate dish. Not only spicy but filled with juicy chunks. Vegan Tandoori Tikka is overloaded with taste and nutritions. This dish is totally incredible and is the same as Tandoori Tikka served with thick plain yogurt.

Vegan nawabi tikka

Vegan Nawabi Tikka nutritional information is an estimate including rice and rinsed chickpeas. If you are a fan of Chicken Tikka, but you are vegetarian dish lover. Then you can eat Vegan Nawabi Tikka instead of that.

Vegan achari tikka

Vegan Achari Tikka is an indian innovative protein-rich packaged food. It looks and tastes like meat. But it is vegetarien. Vegan Achari Tikka is a deep product developed with expertise and a passion for food.

Vegan keema Kaleji

Vegan Keema Kaleji is a rich dish prepared with spices and with some of the rare ingredients which gives the taste like non-vegetarian but only a vegan dish. This is the special food Cooked in our kitchen and served in our restaurant.

Vegan soya Tangri Rara

Vegan Soya Tangri Rara is a delicious Vegetarian gravy made from Soya Chaap. It can be made in various ways but we are making it in the right way to serve you the best ever taste of our kitchen.

Vegan soya keema kaleji

Vegan Soya Keema Kaleji is the special curry food, one the healthiest food recipes. That you must try to get the marvelous taste. Vegetarian keema kaleji dish made with the vegetables and soya chunks. Soya Keema Kaleji is rich in protein and some other nutritions.

Vegan Bhuna Tikka Masala

Vegan Bhuna Tikka Masala is the dish you can eat as cookies. It is a very special dish available in our restaurant. We made our special Vegan Bhuna Tikka Masala with roasted soya chunks and Special Masala. Which gives you the feel of a royal food.